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preventive oncology in gurgaon

'Prevention is always better than cure'. Abstract has a very strong vision attached to it, as it aims at becoming one of the finest cancer care institutes in the country. The primary vision of our institute, is to provide utmost preventive oncology treatment and care to the people of country with advanced technology. Our philosophy is very simple and straightforward, that it to at every step strive of 100% quality services. Our services are a proper amalgamation of experienced professionals, expertise, advanced technology.

Preventive oncology – Cancer detection:

Almost 40% of the patients who suffer from cancer can prevent this from happening by living a very healthy lifestyle. The key to preventive oncology is regular visits and checks, which helps in spotting cancer at an early stage.

Preventive oncology Department:

Our preventive oncology Department provides services to the public by:
  • By running both cancer screening and awareness programs to the weaker section of the society
  • We help in providing cancer related information in different cities, NGO’s, schools and colleges.
  • We offer executive and high-level health check-up programs.
  • Robust training program for the individuals to help them detect cancer at an early stage. 

Possible ways of preventing cancer:

Although the below mentioned ways are not the sure shot ways of preventing cancers, but these are some of the effective ways of how one can get avoid cancer:

  • Consuming little or no alcohol
  • Absolutely no to smoking and tobacco
  • Taking care of proper oral hyegine
  • Eating healthy and non-sugar food
  • Working out regularly
  • Taking proper care of gentile hygeine
  • Consuming more of fibre food
  • Abstain or limit yourself from oily or junk food
  • Essential to take vaccines on time
  • Regular visits to the doctor

Cancer warning signals:

In case if you are suffering from any of the below mentioned symptoms, then immediately visit our expert to get a cancer screening done:

  • Sores which are taking time to heal.
  • Unusual change in the bowel habits
  • Bleeding and discharge without a reason
  • Lump in the breast or any other part of the body
  • Reddish patches inside the mouth
  • Hoarseness
  • Facing trouble with swallowing
  • Vision change
  • Loss of appetite and weight

How to get your cancer screening done?

All you have to do is, taken an appointment with us at: It is important to carry an overnight fast before taking the cancer screening.