Why Do We Need a Day to Talk About Cancer-World Cancer Day

Why Do We Need a Day to Talk About Cancer-World Cancer Day

04 February 2022
Posted By Dr. Aditi Aggarwal
Why do we need a day to talk about cancer-WORLD CANCER DAY

4th February is celebrated as the World Cancer Day across the world with an aim to spread awareness for cancer. Though we all talk of staying positive all the time, you may think as to why we should be talking about a disease like Cancer!!!

It is important for us to understand that the number of cancer patients diagnosed every year are increasing across the world, and India is no different. This is happening because of the changes in our lifestyle, changes in our environment including air and water, the food that we eat, and also because with advancement in science and technology, more of early cancers are being picked up. With the incidence increasing, WHO has already declared it an epidemic.

Now you must be thinking as to what is the need to know that…So, the good news is that upto 60% of cancers are preventable and we can prevent them by just adopting a healthy lifestyle, knowing our body and few warning signs your body may give.

WHO has marked a day in the year to spread this awareness, though the task cannot be limited to a day only. The Slogan this year is CLOSE THE CARE GAP….which means we are trying to eliminate the gaps in cancer care……gaps in awareness…….gaps in early detection……..gap in treatment by making cancer care available to all irrespective of the social status, age or race.

So, on this world cancer day, let us all take a pledge by doing our bit in closing this gap…Staying aware of yourself and spreading awareness about the disease is the first step on this Journey..

Stay Aware…Stay Empowered!!!!